Temperature - Kinetic Theory of Ideal Gases and Thermodynamics
Final observations Final observations


1. How do the pressure and the volume of a gas at constant temperature change?

2. How does the temperature of a gas at constant volume change?

3. How does the temperature of a gas at constant pressure change?

4. What is a perfect gas?

5. What is an ideal gas?

6. What is a real gas?

7. How do real gases behave? 

8. Do the analysed gases behave in different ways? 

9. What could you guess?

10. How does nitrogen behave?

11. What about carbon dioxide? What could the consequences be in the case of an increase in the 

quantity of this gas?

12. How different are ideal and real gases and why? 

13. What is a thermodynamic system? 

14. When is a thermodynamic system open, closed and isolated?

15. How does altitude affect atmosphere? 

16. How does temperature vary vertically in the atmosphere? 

17. What is global warming?

18. Atmosphere as a thermal machine


Class report Class report

 Here the students will write the class report.

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