Measuring the speed of light
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Interpretation of results Interpretation of results

1. How “fast” should the oscilloscope used in this experiment be?

2. Why is it impossible to measure the speed of light for distances s smaller than 5m with this device? 

3. Compare the results of your measurements with those of the researchers in Table 1. Evaluate the accuracy of the method you used. 

4. What would change if the experiment took place in a hypothetical lab on the Moon’s surface? 

5. What would change if the experiment took place in a hypothetical lab under the sea? 

6. Supposing light could move in a circular way, how many times would it go round the Earth, at the equator’s height, in one second? Suppose that the Earth is a sphere with a 6470 km radius.

7. What is a “light year”? 

Other possible explanations 

- Can you identify exactly which part of the procedure you followed involve uncertainties which affect your measurement’s final result?  

- Can you estimate the specific uncertainties? 

- Can you suggest possible improvements, so as to get more accurate results?



Class report Class report

 Here the students will write the class report.

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