Is the Moon really larger when you see it on the horizon?
Measuring your Moon images Measuring your Moon images

Measuring your Moon images

Now measure the diameter of the Moon in each of your images.
Since you are comparing images, you can use any units you wish — pixels, inches, centimeters, etc. If the Moon is not full, you can measure between any two points that are as far apart as possible—as long as you measure between exactly the same points in both images.
How high above the horizon was the Moon for each image? To find out, use the IMAGE INFO option when you download each image, and record the value for the ALTITUDE. This tells you how far above the horizon, in degrees, the object was when the picture was taken.
TIP: Using a crescent Moon? Then just measure the distance between the two points of the crescent.


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 DATA PAGE: Moon Measurements

Is the Moon really larger when viewed near the horizon? Measure the size of the Moon in your images. For each image, also record the Moon's altitude above the horizon (listed in the Image Info file for your image).
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