How does Gravity works?
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Comet hits Jupiter Comet hits Jupiter


A Comet hits Jupiter!

"Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 was a beautiful comet, and
the week of the crash, when it joined Jupiter, is not to
be forgotten. We were glad so many could enjoy the
fireworks. Since then, our search for comets and little
planets called asteroids has continued."
Words from a Scientist: Carolyn Shoemaker

1. Look at the images of Jupiter. Describe the changes to the surface of the planet and write down three questions you want answered in your group´s folder.

2. Another impact to Jupiter from 2010. Look at this short video:


3. We know in advance that a comet is going to strike a planet like Jupiter. What would you want to know or hope to learn about the comet slamming into the planet? Write your questions down in your group´s folder.

Class report Class report

 Here the students will write the class report.

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