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Welcome to the UniSchooLabS community page!

The UniSchooLabS project finished on 30 September 2012. This community will remain open for members to continue the dialogue.

This Community is open to any teacher with an interest in finding out more or using Remote Laboratories, UniSchooLabS Pilot teachers, project partners and Universities.

Here you can find interesting information related to the project and exchange with other members.

Enjoy your visit!


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creating a new activity
23/03/12 23:30
I´d like to put a new activity on the toolkit and I´ve successfully posted my request form. What is the next step now? Will I receive a link to a blank page or can I start directly somewhere off the unischoolabs website?
I´ve tried accessing the sandbox, but it asks me to log in again, which I naturally can´t because I already am logged in...
I´m not such a computer pro, maybe it´s just something simple I missed. Thanks for the help!
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