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The UniSchooLabS project finished on 30 September 2012. This community will remain open for members to continue the dialogue.

This Community is open to any teacher with an interest in finding out more or using Remote Laboratories, UniSchooLabS Pilot teachers, project partners and Universities.

Here you can find interesting information related to the project and exchange with other members.

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RE: Meet the Technical Support team
23/03/12 23:30 as a reply to Andrea Ceregini.
My name is Lina Neuner, I´m a pilot teacher from Vienna and I´m supposed to try out the following lab for creating an activity with the toolkit:http://remotelabsup.fe.up.pt/experiments.htm

Unfortunately, i have not been able to access any of the labs themselves at all. Either they are not open to guests, or the moodle course that they´re in doesn´t go on beyond the booking site.
Specifically, I would like to work with the lab called „online water quality monitoring in aquaculture“, found in the category „level measurement and control“.

I don´t know if you can help me with this or if you know someone who can....
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