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The UniSchooLabS project finished on 30 September 2012. This community will remain open for members to continue the dialogue.

This Community is open to any teacher with an interest in finding out more or using Remote Laboratories, UniSchooLabS Pilot teachers, project partners and Universities.

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Loving Again
The Virgin and the Gipsy

Is the discipline focus limiting your relationship?

A gentle giant who loves and serves the woman he leads

A woman must know that her man cares

He's in charge. . . but I do it my way

Do the right thing - be the captain of your ship

Given a choice between two men ...

I don't think I would ever assume that because I know my husband pretty well that means I know other men equally as well 'To know one man is to know them all' is not a sentence I can ever imagine uttering, and it certainly wouldn't be true, I have not found my husband anything like other men I've known, and I didn't find any of the men in my past to be just like each other either. They all had different feelings about things, and I don't think they would have much cared for being told that they were 'all the same at the core' as each other. Would you?

by Louise C on 2005 Apr 11 - 05:36 | reply to this comment
Birds of a Feather Flopping in Weather
Generally women who think they are unique are not such rare birds. Usually, except in their own minds, they are quite pedestrian in their superficial personality and sexual prowess.

In truth, a woman's claim to possess some *only one of its kind* quality is usually little more than a glitzy defense mechanism to preserve her own troubled illusion of mystique. That she might be very much like other women deep inside truly scares her.

Where this not so, she would have settled into a comfortable relationship with the man of her choosing long ago.

by Noone on 2005 Apr 11 - 12:16 | reply to this comment
Reply to Noone and Louise
Noone, here's an actual merit:
"Being a husband is about knowing one woman well rather than a thousand women superficially." (Bravo)
In this next quote, you simply have me laughing too hard to issue anything other than a hearty snorph(don't ask, it's an Ameribrit thing):
"the secret being that to know one woman well is to understand the thousand." (Boy, are you good)Perhaps if you simply interject the word, 'superficially,' once more, you'd be closer to a truism of sorts.
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