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The UniSchooLabS project finished on 30 September 2012. This community will remain open for members to continue the dialogue.

This Community is open to any teacher with an interest in finding out more or using Remote Laboratories, UniSchooLabS Pilot teachers, project partners and Universities.

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Workshop 2 - Comments
Here are our comments :

1) Students can indeed understand the relation between a given astronomical photograph (then "reality") and the evolution of a galaxy.

2) We understand that it still is a model, and this message needs to be given to the students : via this application students can find an explanation that is consistent with evidence.

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RE: Workshop 2 - Comments
08/02/21 14:53 as a reply to Pathway Group 05.
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RE: Workshop 2 - Comments
15/02/21 20:13 as a reply to Pathway Group 05.
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