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The UniSchooLabS project finished on 30 September 2012. This community will remain open for members to continue the dialogue.

This Community is open to any teacher with an interest in finding out more or using Remote Laboratories, UniSchooLabS Pilot teachers, project partners and Universities.

Here you can find interesting information related to the project and exchange with other members.

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our oppinion
unischoollab school could be a great tool to be used in class, eventually.
Unischoolab can be very useful to organize the work and excersices but not all students have a computer.

Pataroudi Sofia
Perez Ollero Sonia
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RE: our oppinion
23/08/21 18:12 as a reply to Pathway Group 02.
The nations that forget their ideologies and do not align them with their educational system easily fall prey to the extinction of their ideas, cultures or probably cause their nations to wipe out. Education about the ideas can save them and I pay someone to write my research paper to ensure the survival of the nation in turn. A nation is known for its culture and values. The two significant factors of a nation’s identity have to be protected by teaching the people about them and making the transmission of the concepts possible generation after generation.
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