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Remote-experiments are real-life settings, built up at the Berlin Institute of Technology, with all devices (like power supplies, voltmeters, stepping motors, ...) connected to a PC. The computers work as webservers at the same time, so everybody can get access to the experiments through a browser plug-in and gain control over all devices. All data recorded during the experiment is stored online under your own account and accessible via this website under "measured data". You can register everytime and start your experiments immediately. All you need is a valid email address.
  • Quick laboratory facts:
    • Science subject: Physics
    • Included labs: 7 experiments classic physics, 7 experiments modern physics
    • Offered by: Berlin Institute of Technology
    • Languages of the interface: English, German (Russian in preparation)
    • Registration needed: YES (results of experiments are stored for under the respective account). See notes for test account credentials.
    • Recommended because: #
    • Additional software needed: LabView. Instruction for installation can be found here.
  • Guides and material for teachers:
    • Teacher and learning material offered: Each experiment comes with a short description on the phenomena to be observed
    • Academic publications on pedagogical lab use: "Deployment of Remote Experiments - The OnPReX course at the TU Berlin" (PDF)
    • Notes: UniSchooLabS test account for teachers:
      • username: unischoolabs
      • password: ExploringLabs!


Activities Activities

Temperature - Kinetic Theory of Ideal Gases and Thermodynamics
In this exercise we will determine the relationship among pressure, volume and temperature of gases. We’ll deal with ideal, real, polar and nonpolar gases. We will learn the relationship between altitude in the atmosphere, pressure and temperature.

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