Laboratory Laboratory

Remotely Controlled Laboratories (RCLs) are real experiments which can be executed through the internet. A user at a location is allowed to conduct an experiment at a distant location via his or her computer. Controlling the experiment is enabled by accessing an interface and a web server. Webcams allow the user to observe the on-going experiment.
  • Quick laboratory facts:
    • Science subject: Physics
    • Included labs: 17 experiments amongst which you can find the "World Pendulum"
    • Offered by: University of Technology Kaiserslautern
    • Languages of the interface: English, German. Some experiments are also offered in french and italian.
    • Registration needed: NO
    • Recommended because: This lab cluster combines experiments, which encourage play, to excite curiosity, and to stimulate motivation (e.g. robot in a maze, "hot wire"). RCL is devoted to pupils and undergraduate students a