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Remotely Controlled Laboratories (RCLs) are real experiments which can be executed through the internet. A user at a location is allowed to conduct an experiment at a distant location via his or her computer. Controlling the experiment is enabled by accessing an interface and a web server. Webcams allow the user to observe the on-going experiment.
  • Quick laboratory facts:
    • Science subject: Physics
    • Included labs: 17 experiments amongst which you can find the "World Pendulum"
    • Offered by: University of Technology Kaiserslautern
    • Languages of the interface: English, German. Some experiments are also offered in french and italian.
    • Registration needed: NO
    • Recommended because: This lab cluster combines experiments, which encourage play, to excite curiosity, and to stimulate motivation (e.g. robot in a maze, "hot wire"). RCL is devoted to pupils and undergraduate students as well as to interested lay people.
    • Additional software needed: None, every experiments can be started directly from the browser without any additional software
  • Guides and material for teachers:
    • Teacher and learning material offered: Each experiment comes with an introduction, information on experimental setup, theory, tasks, analysis, discussion and links to further didactical material. Teaching material and lesson plans in German can be found here.
    • Academic publications on pedagogical lab use: Various publications in German and English can be found here.
Activities Activities

Measuring the Speed of Light
In this exercise we will operate a remote real laboratory of a University in Germany to collect data that will be used to measure the speed of light. Click here to access the activity

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