Laboratory Laboratory

The objective of this project was to build a set of experiments and to establish a Web-based user-friendly and efficient technology for interactive, on-line operation of a prototype remote education laboratory @ Universidade do Porto. Some elements of the project team have been using remote experiments as complements to their traditional lab sessions or as components of distance-education courses. So, the project aimed to disseminate this approach and increase the interest of students, teachers and researchers for this "high-tech" way of producing and using e-learning materials, while also promoting the generation of other similar projects. This particular project also proved how people from science and engineering areas were able to produce together a diverse set of experiments, ranging from interactive to sensitive type, either inside educational labs or in a real life environment, as in the case of a sensorized stone masonry bridge.

  • Quick laboratory facts:

    • Science subject: Physics
    • Offered by: Universidade do Porto
    • Languages of the interface: Portoguese and English
    • Registration needed: YES (A guest account is provided) 
    • Additional software needed: LabVIEW 7.1 Run-Time

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