Laboratory Laboratory

The NetLab remote laboratory project is being developed as part of the University of South Australia's policy and commitment to innovation and it's support of the development of new technologies.

NetLab is an online remote laboratory, which is used by academic staff for teaching and demonstrations during lectures, and by students for conducting their experiments remotely on real laboratory equipment.

The application presents users with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that look like actual laboratory instruments. They click the buttons and turn the knobs with their mouse, interacting with it as they would with the real device.

What makes NetLab unique, is that when students interact with the GUIs, they are actually operating real instruments that are set up in a laboratory in some remote location, controlling them via the internet. The output they see on the instrument's display panels is not a simulation, but is actual data being read from the real instruments, in real time.

  • Quick laboratory facts:
    • Science subject: Physics (Electrical engineering)
    • Offered by: University of South Australia
    • Language of the interface: English
    • Registration needed: YES
    • Recommended because: Good interface, stable system, good quality of experiments.
    • Additional software needed: Java Runtime Environment
  • Guides and material for teachers:


Activities Activities

Conservation of energy in circuits R and C
In this activity the lab visitor is taken step by step through the first things to do in the remote laboratory dealing with electric circuits.

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