Laboratory Laboratory

The Faulkes Telescope Project is an online, remotely-controlled pair of 2-metre telescopes that are used by both researchers and educational groups such as schools. The project is supported by an extensive data archive and an educational resources website covering most areas of astronomy.
  • Quick laboratory facts:
    • Science subject: Astronomy
    • Offered by: University of Glamorgan, UK (telescopes are owned and operated by Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope 
    • Languages of the interface: English
    • Registration needed: It is needed a registration to access to control telescopes. Access to resources is free for everyone.
    • Additional software needed: Reccomended software for data analysis includes SalsaJ and DS9 (freeware). For planning and preparation Stellarium is recommended.
  • Guides and material for teachers:
    • Teacher and learning material offered: Extensive educational resources for high schools can be found here.


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