The UniSchooLabs Toolkit The UniSchooLabs Toolkit
About the Toolkit About the Toolkit

The UniSchooLabs tool-kit supports the teacher in selecting a remote or virtual lab and developing a lab activity based on an inquiry model template.

While working with the toolkit the teacher has access to 3 main features:

  • the lab catalogue;
  • the activities created by other users;
  • the tool for creating new activities or reusing an existing one.

A UniSchooLabs activity is composed of a number of pages and associated doument's folders that facilitate the teacher in organizing experiments for the students using remote or virtual labs. Through these pages teachers are able to present the tasks at hand and provide the students with supporting learning materials and assignments. Once an activity is complete, the students can navigate through the pages and follow the instructions given while making their own notes and uploading documens on different matters (questions or purposes of the investigation, predictions, ideas, investigation designs, data collected, analysis of the data, emerging ideas and reflections).

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